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Addiction And Substance Abuse Specialist

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Addiction and substance abuse problems present significant challenges, and some people struggle more than others. If you're having problems with an addiction or substance use disorder, Melinda Howe, APRN, CRNA, at Ascend Wellness MBS in Minot, North Dakota, can help. Melinda uses ketamine and NAD+ infusion therapy to help you overcome your addiction and get you on the road to a healthy, happy future. To find out how you can receive treatment at Ascend Wellness MBS, call their office or book an appointment online today.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Q&A

What are addiction and substance abuse?

An addiction arises when you become obsessed with something to the extent that you neglect everything else in your life. Substance abuse, where the focus of your obsession is drugs or alcohol, is the most common form of addiction, but there are many other kinds, such as a gambling addiction.

For people with an addiction or substance abuse problem, nothing is more important than the focus of their obsession. They continue to pursue their addiction even when they risk their job, family, and home. Addicts even resort to illegal and dangerous activities to fund their addiction if they have no other means of financing it.

What causes addiction and substance abuse?

The underlying reasons why some people experience addiction and substance abuse problems while others don't are many and varied. They could relate to mental health problems, unresolved trauma, stress, peer pressure, or being in chronic pain.

Substances like alcohol, illegal narcotics, and prescription opioids — all common sources of substance abuse — act on the reward centers of your brain. Initially, they seem to offer relief from everyday stresses and strains and often a pleasurable rush, feelings that can be so intense that nothing else compares.

Over time, these substances cause physical changes to the chemicals in your brain that make you dependent on them. If you don't maintain your intake, you suffer distressing and painful side effects that reinforce your compulsion to get more of your substance of choice.

You also become psychologically dependent on the source of your addiction, believing you can't manage without it.

How are addiction and substance abuse treated?

Addiction and substance abuse can be challenging to treat. The most important thing is for you to want to overcome your addiction, and be ready to commit to recovery. Medication can help with withdrawal symptoms, and therapy is usually vital to successfully treating addiction and substance abuse.

Psychotherapy helps by addressing the underlying reasons for your susceptibility to addiction and substance abuse, such as mental health problems and chronic stress. Approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) give you important tools to help you manage your addiction from day to day.

Ascend Wellness MBS specializes in providing ketamine infusions to treat addiction and substance abuse. 

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug that's also invaluable for treating conditions like chronic pain and mental health disorders. Among other things, it alters the way your brain manages cravings and increases the effectiveness of behavioral therapy.

Ascend Wellness MBS works with your primary care or mental health provider to deliver ketamine treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to recovering from addiction and substance abuse. Call their office today for more information, or book an appointment online.


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